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Empowering you with what you need to ACT now, is the industrial marketing hub that connects you with the services and resources you need to attract qualified leads, convert them to sales, and track your results.

Industrial marketing presents very specific requirements and challenges that set it apart from non-industrial B2B marketing. Understanding and responding effectively to those challenges is critical to the successful and profitable outcome of any marketing initiative or long term strategy.

Put your trust in a team that has a proven track record providing successful industrial marketing and web solutions for small to medium companies competing in the industrial marketplace. The team of marketing specialists at Industrial Web Solutions has been providing profitable solutions and services to industrial and commercial clients for well over fifteen years.

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Web Design, Application Development & Industrial Marketing Services

Industrial Web Solutions is a full service industrial marketing and web solutions firm serving small to medium size businesses. Whether you are manufacturer, integrator, supplier, distributor or reseller, work with an experienced, knowledgeable company that can help you understand, plan, create and manage your online and offline industrial marketing projects profitably.

Industrial Web Solutions

Web Development and Maintenance Services

  • Industrial Web Design
  • Ecommerce Web Design
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Custom Database and Application Design
  • Data Entry and Website Maintenance
  • Website Content Creation and Copyediting

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Management Services

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Reporting & Recommendations
  • Implementation
  • Post Launch Support

Internet Marketing and Management Services

  • Pay per Click Marketing (AdWords, Yahoo, MSN) & Management
  • Email and Database Marketing & Management
  • Landing Page Development & Design
  • Banner Advertising
  • Online Industrial Directories
  • Domain Registration and Management

Web Hosting & Reporting Services

  • Website Hosting Packages
  • Designated Server Hosting
  • On Demand Server Side Tracking & Reporting
  • On Demand Client Side Tracking & Reporting
  • IWS Report Delivery
  • IWS Analysis

Contact Industrial Web Solutions to learn about all of our industrial marketing services including multi-channel planning, consultative services, content creation, multi-media production, and brochure and print design. Call (800) 399-9859 or visit us online at

Attract and Connect with Qualified Buyers - is the world's first 100% user-driven industrial search tool with integrated .tel technology. Designed specifically to support the American Manufacturing and Supply industry, it is the only 100% American content industrial search tool based on the principles of Web 2.0 that uses content tagging to match member sellers with qualified buyers.

Industrial Web Search

The system avoids producing irrelevant search results by helping the buyer to refine and narrow his search by suggesting search terms related to his query that were either a) previously searched or b) are being used by member sellers to tag their content. In the same way, seller members have 100% control over the way in which they attract buyers by applying tags to their content with the same kind of system generated support given to help buyers refine their search. Tags can be easily updated to match buyers' queries online 24/7. Email updates help seller members to keep tags competitive. Every term searched by a buyer becomes a resource to the seller. And the more a buyer refines and narrows his search, the more qualified the buyer becomes to the seller he ultimately contacts.

Ensuring buyers a fast, easy and convenient way to search, find and connect with you, whether they are in the office at their desk or on the plant floor in front of a vital piece of equipment that needs a part, the search tool can be used from their desktop or laptop at or from their mobile phone at With integrated .tel technology, for the first time ever a buyer can connect with you with a single click to place a call, compose an email, visit your website and so much more. The .tel offers your customers 24/7 online access to your most current contact information for every location, every facility, every department, every product, and all personnel you decide to make public. There is virtually no limit to the contact information you can make available to your existing and potential buyers, making it easy for them to connect with you with a single click.

For an online demonstration and to learn more about .tel call (800) 399-9859.

Start benefiting today! Be a member of the future of industrial search.

** We recommend you reserve your .tel right away to avoid disappointment or losing it to a competitor.

Ask, Share, Learn - Industrial Marketing Blog

Having worked on more than a thousand diverse projects, ranging from marketing planning & management to industrial web design & custom application development, the Industrial Web Solutions team has a lot of valuable information to share concerning strategies, technologies, and creative materials that effectively address short term goals while supporting long term objectives.

Industrial Web Talk

Industrial Web Talk is our way of reaching out to industrial and commercial manufacturers, integrators, suppliers, distributors and resellers to invite everyone to ask questions, share comments or experiences and learn about new technologies and ideas that may prove extremely helpful. As an online resource easily accessible directly or by RSS feed, Twitter, or through the search engines, Industrial Web Talk aims to be a practical resource for those of you looking for a fast, easy way to gain insight you can use right away to help you manage your industrial marketing challenges most effectively.

Contributing writers have their own voice and offer more than a decade each of marketing experience. Representing diverse competencies, you will find posts focusing on strategy, direct and indirect marketing, planning for a multi-channel approach, technologies, copywriting, web design, web applications, ecommerce, publicity, online advertising, print materials, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, search engine news, database and email marketing, and so much more.

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Industrial Web Solutions Industrial Web Search Industrial Web Talk